Work-Life Wednesday: The advantages and challenges of telecommuting

Jennifer Sabatini Fraone is Assistant Director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family.

With the price of gas hovering near an all-time high, the daily commute is becoming more expensive.  At the same time, technology is making it increasingly possible for some workers to telecommute or work from home one or more days per week.  Should more organizations and employees consider this as an option?   This morning, I visited FOX25 News to discuss this with as part of our Work-Life Wednesday Series.

The Boston College Center for Work & Family published a comprehensive report a number of years ago entitled Bringing Work Home: Advantages and Challenges of Telecommuting. As I reviewed that report in preparation for my interview, I realized that while nearly ten years have passed, the issues revealed in that report have not changed.  Managers continue to use “face time” to evaluate whether or not an employee is working, and many organizational cultures still have not shifted to value (and measure) performance by results.

We need to continue to promote the business case for telecommuting and other flexible work arrangements as strategic ways to impact the bottom line and keep employees engaged, loyal and productive.  Let’s keep the conversation and the momentum going!

I encourage you to review our study and the other great research available on our website For more information on telecommuting and remote work, visit the Telework Research Network, and 20 Essential Tips for Telecommuting Success.


The Boston College Center for Work & Family is a global leader in helping organizations create effective workplaces that support and develop healthy and productive employees. Please visit us at
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