Since its founding in 1990, Boston College Center for Work & Family (CWF) has been a national leader in helping organizations create effective workplaces that support and develop healthy and productive employees. We provide a bridge linking the academic community to leaders in employment settings who are committed to promoting workforce effectiveness. We are fortunate to count many of the world’s most progressive companies in the work/life arena as our members.

We are pleased to be an important part of the Carroll School of Management and Boston College, which are consistently ranked among the top 35 business schools and universities in the United States. More importantly, Boston College provides an environment that promotes both scholarly thinking and a commitment to social action, an ideal combination for the focus of our important work. Thank you for visiting with us.

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  1. Sunday’s front page of the Washington Post highlights Flexforce Professionals as one of several flexible staffing companies at the forefront of a movement to remake the workplace. Flexforce’s mission is based on the idea that thinking outside the traditional workforce model brings great value to families and business. Two of Flexforce’s three owners are Boston College grads! It is wonderful that BC has a Center (that’s been around for 20 years) dedicated entirely to this issue.

    Here is the link to the article:

    • BCCWF says:

      Thanks for your note Sheila! I did see the Washington Post article and am so glad to hear that you are BC alums! I would welcome having a conversation with you about our shared interests. Please feel free to contact me at sabatinj@bc.edu

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